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Intuitive Expression For Contemporary Movement

Mr. Matthews created Intuitive Expression for Contemporary Movement with more than 25 years of exploration. With his style of ritual-like intention, the process encourages research of artistic and humanistic expression. The full exploration is called Nijawwon Transitional Method or NTM.  The master class is charged with emotional, spiritual, and physical qualities to convey the seamless transitional movements of a confident and improving dancer. Intuitive Expression uses dynamics, texture, and spatial level changes with natural fluidity and the use of circulation, undulation, and spiral. Continually moving through space and weight exchange as dancers go across the floor; dancers explore a structured improv that allows for storytelling, musicality, and athletic expressivity. Master classes end with combinations that help dancers become more informed performers and free of self doubt. Intuitive Expression gives students love, encouragement, and the confidence to trust themselves in this space or any other.

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